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This unit can be built into PLC MELSEC-Q (Mitsubishi) and stores digital position data (Binary code). The CPU unit can read the data through the buffer memory. One unit can be associated with 1 probe (1 axis) or 2 probes (2 axes).

No. of probe 1 axis or 2 axes
Resolution Progammable Min.1μm (G1),
Min.0.1mm (G2,G3)
Sampling freq. 1kHz (STD) (up to stroke 1000mm)
I/O occupation points Intelligent, 32 points
current consumption 1 axis:0.7A (5VDC), 2 axes:0.9A (5VDC)
function external preset, upper and lower limit
cable length Max. 200m (G1, G2)
Max. 100m(G3)
working temp. 0°C-+60°C
storage temp. -20°C-+75°C