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    About Us

    After steam power, electrical energy and industrial revolution in history, smart machines and processes controlled completely over internet has become a must of production along with the 4th Industrial Revolution realized with digitalization. Sirius Sensör is established in 2019 with the spirit of visionary which improves production qualities by offering services of industries where rapidly developing new technologies are applied preeminently, improves itself continuously, innovative and bears responsibility. We have presented solutions to our customers in different companies on electronic sensors for more than 15 years. At the point we have approached, we have started out to increase our product range and expand the fields we are rendering service to. We’re able to reach every product we wish over internet in recent conditions, however, deciding on the conditions the product we’ll use shall operate, their sensitivity and data it shall provide causes time loss and an incorrect choice may result in pecuniary damages in our business. At this point, we offer our customers alternatives which shall derive a profit in the beginning of the projects when purchasing a product.